Monday, July 21, 2014

Save Money Wherever You Go


It wasn't long before I introduced an interesting app to you guys, isn't it? Nowadays, apps are so freaking addictive and useful your phone memory will never be enough. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this.
That being said, we should really make the best use of what we have for the best things, shouldn't we?

So let me let you in on another awesome app that allows you to save money on the go! This app, which I am guessing a lot of people already know of, is Singapore Maps by Street Directory!

Many of you may already find it a necessity when going to unfamiliar places on your own, including me. I have grown to like this app when I am going to new places for events. Not lying when I said it's really helpful!
For those who are not familiar with this app, you would be able to get your way around probably anywhere by using it. I blogged about it before in more detail here.

And I am here to share about this new function they have! It's called OFFERS NEAR YOU!

Like the how the name explains itself, this function provides you information with promotions, sales and exclusive offers near you wherever you go. There are so much in store you'd regret not checking it out.
It includes offers like 50% clearance sales, 1-for-1 deals, free coffee or ice-cream if you show the app and more!!

Easy peasy! Just by showing this app, you'd be able to enjoy so many exclusive offers. Don't waste this chance alright!
For your information, they post more than 2000 new offers weekly so you don't have to worry about running out on offers ever.

Go download Singapore Maps now now because you really don't want to miss it. 
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Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CNY 2014 Day 2

I did promise this post was coming soon after the "Day 1" was up, didn't I? Maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it!

I think you'd enjoy pictures from this post though because it is full of my little furry friend, Toffee. I am so thrilled with how all the pictures turned out!
I think I kind of went a little brave in playing with patterns and decided to buy a loud flower patterned pants as part of the outfit. You need to be brave once in a while with fashion, you know? (if you're not always brave)
Didn't regret it.

Actually did not have time to do my hair properly so please don't judge. Hahaha

I think Toffee's better at this amateur modeling than I am. Haha


My sister's camera focusing skills is brilliant. -.- But i'll let Toffee have the spotlight because he looks adorable here!

I mean, I just don't get why he's extremely photogenic especially during Chinese New Year, you know? Really, this picture..


 Candid! Not a very glamorous side view...

I think taking a picture with our grandmothers every Chinese New Year has somehow became a tradition now

Thennnn we decided to use Toffee as a prop. Not in a bad way!

 One of my favourites among the lot because he was looking directly at the camera and so were we.
Definition of picture-perfect.
My other favourite. Need I say more?

I always get really excited to share the pictures I took for Chinese New Year with you and hopefully i'm able to make you guys feel the joy through the scroll of a lengthy picture post! 

If you managed to make it through here, thank you for reading! 

Cheryl x